We Want the Red Line

Great public transit for a great city

Imagine for a moment a future rail transit system that quickly and conveniently connects a variety of Baltimore's most historic, dynamic, and popular neighborhoods: Fells Point. Edmondson Village. Harbor East. Poppleton. Greektown. Canton. And more.

Imagine this same system also connects to major job centers like downtown Baltimore, the University of Maryland Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Bayview, and the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Finally, imagine that this system allows for connections to the rest of the Baltimore region's major transit systems, including the Metro subway, the central light rail, MARC, MTA buses, the Charm City Circulator and water taxis, as well as bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. And it makes travel fast and efficient by circumventing traffic using its own right-of-way and even subway tunnels in the most congested parts of Baltimore.

No Need to Imagine

In fact, what we've just described is the Red Linea proposed light rail and subway line that may be as little as two years away from breaking ground in the Baltimore region, thanks to the hard work of the MTA, elected officials and community stakeholders.

When completed, the Red Line will connect Woodlawn, Edmondson Village, West Baltimore, downtown, Harbor East, Fells Point, Canton, Highlandtown, Greektown, and the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center with state-of-the-art light rail service as soon as 2022.

In doing so, the Red Line will usher in a new era of modern and convenient public transit service in Baltimore, making our city more connected, more competitive, and more attractive for current and potential residents and employers.

Red Line Now

Red Line Now! is made up of regular public transit users who live all over the city, including neighborhoods along the planned Red Line corridor. Some of us have cars, and some don't. Either way, we all ride the buses, the light rail, and the Metro subway, and we see the incredible opportunity that the Red Line presents to finally make Baltimore's transit system greater than the sum of its parts, dramatically improving the quality of life for tens of thousands of residents throughout our metropolitan area.

Let's Go

Great cities have great public transit. It's time for Baltimore to build the Red Line.

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